Inspired by Modern Market

I think I am finally getting back into the swing of things. The kids are all settled back into school and I am slowly working out of my post holiday slump and getting some things done. The current project getting back under way is the “Man Cave.” All the construction is done and I am working on getting everything put in its place. I have had a lot of success this week finding some final furniture pieces which I hope to share tomorrow. Today, however, I want to share a little piece of inspiration I brought back with me from the States.

modern-market-exterior-225x300While visiting New Orleans last month a friend of mine from Architecture school took me to the most amazing store owned by a former colleague of her’s who is an interior designer. That store is Modern Market owned by Sherrie Hope a super sweet, super talented New Orleans native who is bringing affordable modern design to the city. Although Modern Market opened  in 2010 this was my first visit.  I don’t know how I have missed this little gem of a store up until now but I am so glad I am finally  in the know!

Nestled just behind Design Within Reach on Magazine St. Modern Market has everything you need for styling a modern home. Stocking all things modern from furniture to lighting, bedding to accessories, and even gifts this is definitely a modern lifestyle store! In this awesome storefront Modern Market represents emerging, modern product designers as well as established lines like Gus*Modern and Bluedot. Not only that, Modern Market also house M2Studio a full service Architecture and Interior Design firm where Hope works along with Studio founder Architect Charles J. Neyrey to create custom-tailored environments for their clients.

highresMB-CGB_large You can see why I was so inspired…

So here is what I bought to get me started back on the “Man Cave.”

First, This super soft Geo Blanket in black (also comes in grey)for when I need to cozy up in the “Man Cave” with Chuck and hide from the kiddos.

And Second, a set of 4 Gräf & Lantz coasters made of heavy-duty  wool felt that just so happen to match the colors in the “Man Cave.” I gave these to Chuck for his Birthday and had to laugh when I read the packaging, “As traditionally used for beer mugs in Bavarian taverns until late 19th century, felt coasters are functional, durable and sure to protect your table.  Not surprising that to this day Bavarians call coasters of all Coasters-01_1kinds “bierfilzl” (beer felt).”

Well I guess I could have gone right down the street to get some of these but instead I flew thousands of miles to buy them in New Orleans. Oh well, worth the trip since I go to visit Modern Market!

Not a local? That’s okay Modern Market also ships nation wide via their website Modern Market Lifestyle. I might have to see if I can talk Sherrie into some international shipping, at least some of small things. If not I will be sure to stop in for a visit next time I am in town and stock up…

You can also check Modern Market out on their Facebook page which keep you up to date on all the store products, sales, and activities.

However you choose to find them, be sure to visit Modern Market, you are sure to love it!

Stop by tomorrow to see how my finds look in the “Man Cave.”

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