Found it at the Market – January 2014

photo-1My husband and I love to spend Sunday afternoons at the trödelmakt (junk market.) It can be hit or miss, sometimes the finds are amazing and sometimes it is just junk. This weekend was the weekend for one of our favorite markets. It take place once a month at the same location. The vendors actually set up in the parking lot of a large truck stop right off the Autobahn. (It seems like all my favorite markets are at truck stops. Don’t know what that say about me.) This week the weather was a little cold but the sun was shining and there were lots of vendors. We had a great time and found some  great treasures. At least I think so. Have a look at our haul…
Found it at the Market

1.Framed Paper cut silhouette – 12€ ($17) – I think I may be starting a new collection here. I find these so lovely.
2.Nice set of Antlers – 5€ ($7) – We have been collecting these for the “Man Cave” and have found lots of small one but this set is a bit larger and a great addition to the collection.
3.1921 Photograph of the German Army at Grafenwöhr– 8€($11)My husband loved this one because of the location. Grafenwöhr is an area they still train.
4.Rhinestone Tiara – 15€($21) _ Who can pass up such quality bling?
5.Yellow Glazed Bowl – 4€($5.50) – Loved the yellow glaze on this one
6.Painting of a German Jägermeister – 8€ ($11) – At least that is what the vendor told us ( I think? His English was not too bad.)
7.Butter Dish – 5€ ($7) It is usually a soup tureen that catches my eye but the orange on this butter dish caught me this time.

photo-2 Here is something I did not buy but so wish I had a need for. This weekend I saw several vendors with the most amazing mid-century dollhouse furniture. I read this post last week and can’t help but think that Barbie would really love shopping at the at the trödelmakt. I know I wish a few of these pieces came in my size.



  1. Oh, you are bringing back memories for me! My husband and I lived in Germany for three years when we were stationed there in the military. I miss the Christmas markets, food and searching for treasures in the flea markets! Enjoy!! I found your blog through Emily A Clark’s and I am so glad I did. 🙂

    • So glad you stopped by. We are in Germany for 3 years with the Military as well so I plan on doing lots of shopping while I am here. I stopped by your blog, lovely! Adding you to my reader today! Funny I saw you you just did a review of House Proud- Unique Home Design- Louisiana. I know Valorie Hart the author and my mom and two of my sisters houses are in the book. One of my favorites too. Small world…

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