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il_570xN.462238801_nsy1Collection of Vintage Arrows (Set of 5) $35.00

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I fear that cupid’s arrow has gone a little off course and hit me right in my design eye. I am seeing arrows everywhere in design and I am in love! That is fine by me because I already have the greatest Valentine ever but I am always in need of great design inspiration. Maybe this trend is a natural progression from the chevron or the next best thing in tribal prints but either way I think we are definitely pointed in the right direction. Have a look at a few arrows in design I have found. It may inspire you to hunt down a few of your own!

progression from the chevron
progression from the chevron
    1. Traditional Japanese Arrow Motif Yabane Cotton Fabric Pencil Case$19.00
    2. Indian Summer Arrows Print –$22.24
    3. DENY Designs Iveta Abolina Feathered Arrows Duvet Cover – $199.00
    4. Red Funky Arrows – Throw Pillow $28.00
    5. Arrow Earrings – Golden Arrow – $14.00
    6. Arrow Pedestal Table – $49.98
    7. Assembly Home Chevron Flip Rug – $89.00
    8. Arrow Pattern Stencil –$39.95
    9. Vintage Marquee Lights-Arrow – $240.00
Photo Via Emily Henderson

Photo Via Emily Henderson

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