Dash and Albert Zigzag Multi Micro Hooked Rug

ZigZagMulti2x3[17109]One of the things that I find very hard to find in Germany are pretty geometric rugs. The style there seems to lean more toward the ultra modern or the very traditional, no in between. So I finally gave up and decided to order one online. Problem, most companies will to ship a rug to a PO box so I decided to have one shipped to the U.S. and then re-ship it to Germany.

Long story short I ordered the Zigzag Multi Micro Hooked Rug from Dash and Albert and had it shipped to my Mom’s house a couple of weeks ago. So besides being really excited to be home I am also excited to finally see my rug up close and personal…

Final Verdict, It is lovely! It is Perfect! I can’t wait to get it to my house! So many beautiful colors, it will work with anything!

Now I must run to the post office and ship it to Germany so it will be there waiting when I return. Can’t wait!

ZigZagMulti13_4x6[17010]If You like this Rug here are a few more you might like..


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