Painted Floors by Kleinspace

tumblr_mrkhzmqGkR1sds42jo1_1280I love color and I doubt that will change but in the last few month since our move to Europe I cannot help but be influenced by the beauty of stark white that I am seeing over and over again in Scandinavian Design.

 I recently met fellow blogger Liubou Minniyeva who is the brains behind a fresh new blog called Kleinspace.  After living in the Netherlands for the last five years, Liubou is blogging about a very common experience in Amsterdam, small(klein) spaces. She is currently studying interior design at KLC in London so while her blog definitely has an emphasis on design she is also exploring how we as people live and use our space, large or small.

Liubou has recently moved, with her boy friend Daniel, from a very small space to something a little larger. They are in the process of making some major changes. True to her Scandinavian influence Liubou experimented with a white floor in her small studio, now she and Daniel are taking it a step further in their new bedroom by painting the hard wood floors.  


With the help of painting professionals Liubou’s bedroom has been turned to what she calls a “completely white heaven.” If you think you can handle the paint job on your own has some good step by step pointers. Either way the end result will be magnificent. Have a look at the  after.


While the room is not quite complete you can already see the amazing change these bright white floors have made. With the help of her cat Pepper we begin see Liubou’s new bedroom take shape.

DSC_0170 DSC_0173 copy DSC_0178 copy

What a beautiful space! If you would like to read more about Libou’s small space living visit her at Kleinspace and see the final reveal.

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