Room #6- The Sewing Room

sw1sewing roomIt has been a while since this room was completed but since the sewing room is where most of the “magic” happens it is rarely clean enough to photograph.  Since I have completed a lot of big projects recently and could no longer see the floor I figured a good cleaning was in order and while I was at it I took a few photos to share with you.

When I first started sewing I did the whole pull all the supplies out at the kitchen table and put them away when I was done. At our 4th house I upgraded to a converted closet in the guest room. Then as the sewing projects increased at out 6th I set up in an alcove in our large den and then finally decided to take over the dining room. Now at out house in Germany we have a 4th bedroom and not many guests so actually scored a room with a door that I can close when the mess gets really bad (Big mess means lots of “magic.”)



So with my very own room, I got to add a little more decor to my workspace this go round. In our last house I used base cabinets and a piece of stock counter top from Lowes to create my work station but unfortunately the counter top was too long to fit in the shipping crate. When we got here I had to start fresh. I went to Ikea and had a sewing desk all picked out but when I got to there they were having a summer sale on an older design Micke desk which by luck had several companion pieces. I bought it because it was a but in the end it was perfect because combining different pieces allowed me to create a work station that perfectly fit the long wall.

I brought my 500lb work table from the U.S. I apologize to the movers, you should have seen them trying to get this behemoth up the stairs. The work table is also a piece from the Ikea, it is from the Värde free-standing kitchen collection. It works perfect as a cutting table, at counter height it is great for cutting and has plenty of storage for sewing tool, baskets and folded fabric.

For more fabric and craft storage I use a mid-century china cabinet that also has cabinet space large enough to hold my spare sewing machine as well as my huge scrapbook bag. The red chair I got for 20€ at out local thrift store once we got to Germany. I bought it thinking I would slipcover it but when I went through my fabric stash I found I had a fabric that matched it perfectly and luckily I had just enough to make curtains. Now if anyone wants to come chat while I work they have a nice place to sit.


The rest of the decor consists of flea market finds and art I have collected along the way, here there and everywhere. One day it would be nice to have more space and a larger cutting table but for now I love my new sewing room and the best part is now I finally have a room of my very own!

Sewing roomDSC01764


  1. Lisa in AL says:

    I wish I could come sit in that pretty chair & chat, and I like your space. I have been purging mine, and added the IKEA Raskog cart. I took the old purple chair out, only to bring it back a few months later!

  2. Carly says:

    Lovely sewing room!!! If you’d like to keep your thread tails from getting tangled I use “amazing tape”, it’s a reusable clear tape-like product that is fantastic around thread spools (…only sticks to itself…I think I picked up mine on Amazon. :o)

    • Thanks Carly, I will have to look into that. At one time I had these little mesh covers that went over each spool but they always seemed to pop off so I finally gave up.

  3. Love the full wall length desk you have! It is exactly what I am hoping to create in my own craft space. Thank you for the IKEA links, I will have to see what I can find.

  4. THIS IS PERFECT! Thank you :0 my office space has the similar half-wall and slanted ceilings, except it’s on all four walls. Thanks friend <3

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