Proud Peacock Christmas

Peacock Christmas Tree

For me the weekend after Thanksgiving is the time, not for shopping, but for putting up the Christmas tree and all the holiday decorations. This year that happened a little bit early, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to be exact. Since we leave for our holiday trip to New Orleans in less than two weeks I wanted to to have our own family Christmas on a day that actually felt like a holiday. That is why this year we had “Thanksmas Christgiving.” On Thanksgiving morning Santa delivered his gifts, we opened our gifts and had a lovely brunch. We will be having a Christmas celebration in the U.S. with our families back home but I think for the kids it is nice to have a little bit of Christmas at our own home.

Peacock Christmas TreeSo last Wednesday up went the tree and all the decor!

Everyone has there own idea of the perfect tree. Mine is a constant work in progress. Every year I add a few new things that I usually get on sale after Christmas the year before. When my husband and I first got married I had mostly silver and clear glass ornament to which I added bits of purple and aqua to the following years. But my greatest addition came about six years ago in the form of a Peacock Tree topper. I found  him on sale 1/2 price at the post Christmas sale a Macy’s. The course was set purple and Peacock became the theme. In the  years that have passed since Mr.Peacock arrived I’ve added more deep blue, additional smaller  birds and peacocks., large purple poinsettias, and green beaded garlands. Last year I added butterflies which I absolutely love. They clip onto the branches like they just settled for a moment on the tree. I can’ wait to see what they have on sale this year…Peacock Christmas Tree

Peacock Christmas Tree


  1. Leslie says:

    Oh Maggie your tree is absolutely gorgeous. I am truly enjoying your blog and hope you are having fun with it. Please give Chuck and the kids a big hug for me!

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