Baby Shower Success!

1464704_771910162835277_176329173_nLast Saturday we finally thru the baby shower for which I had been making decorations for the last few weeks. It turned out perfect with the help of a few good friends. The Momma to Be was so happy and excited, seeing the smile on her face made all the hard work worth it. I kept much of the decor unpublished until after the shower because many of the items I made were actually to be my gifts, that could then be used in the baby’s room later. I think this is a great idea since so much money goes into decorations, why not make them items that can be reused in the nursery.

So let me share with you a few photos of the event. These were taken by an amazing photographer Courtney Hazlett who will unfortunately be moving back to the U.S.shortly. Feel free to visit her on Facebook to see where she will land next, or check out her blog, Batgirl and Green Lantern, where she shares her experiences, and the trials and tribulations of being married to an active duty super hero.

My main gift was an Ikea style reclining rocker that I styled up for the shower with some custom-made pillows as a place for Momma to sit and unwrap her gifts. I added a few thrift store finds like this cute little wooden table and the palest pink lampshade which I embellished with some fabric flowers, so girlie! I use a set of grey and aqua covered boxes around the room as decor and risers for the treat table which can then be used to store all those little baby items you need in a nursery. On the front door I hung a cute vintage print (also from the thrift store) which might remind us how the baby got here in the first place. A framed invitation is also a great item to add as decor that can then be hung on the wall later and of course lots and lots of bunting.

All photos by Courtney Hazlett


  1. KDB says:

    Beautiful! Almost makes we want to have another baby (not really).

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