Mouton Cerise – Sunshine in a Jar

il_570xN.447725921_5hy3Just the other day while scanning Esty, as I all too often do, this photo caught my eye. It was this little pink deer on a patch of grass inside a little glass jar. If this was nothing more than art in a jar, like a ship in a bottle, I was sold. So I went over to the shop Mouton Cerise to check it out.  The owner is a French artist by the name of Cécile Bernard whose “About” page touts,“A little of this, a little of that, mix well and marinate with lots of color …”

My kind of girl!

But back to our little friend in the jar, upon closer inspection this little guy is actually a night-light complete with toggle switch, a tiny 3V battery and LED. What a fantastic idea, and one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!il_570xN.507447691_9n1v
But that’s not all he also has friends. What about a yellow bunny rabbit, a silver lamb or even a little birdie. I know a pair of kiddos at my house (and maybe a grownup or two) who would love one of these little guys.

What else can you find at Cécile’s shop? She has a wonderful selection of whimsical items including these precious “Bird on a Wire” pendant lights.il_570xN.507145299_s3e7Some amazing  wall art… Love Mr. Dinosaur!

and all variety of adorable handmade fabric items for kids.il_570xN.338604410Thanks you Cécile for letting me share your wonderful work and your beautiful photos!

If you would like to see more of Cécile’s work she has a lovely blog in French The Piafs, check it out.




  1. Thank you so much Maggie for this lovely writing about my work !

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