Baby Shower and Bunting!

Has everyone’s week been as hectic as mine? I have had some sort of obligation every day this week and in between those it seems like I haven’t stopped. Well one of the reasons I have been so busy is I am hosting a baby shower at my house on Saturday and I am in charge of, you guessed it, “decor.” You may remember my previous post Making Room for Baby on a Buget, the shower is for the same lovely lady and her soon to arrive baby girl.

The goal for this shower was to create as much decor as possible that could then be reused in the baby’s room. That meant keeping with the colors we will use in the nursery as much as possible as well as using inexpensive material to their fullest. Some of these ideas you saw in the last post like the tissue paper pom poms and the fabric bunting but I thought I would share more of the other ideas I came up with for the shower decor. I tried to use as many of the scraps fabric and bits of tissue left over from the other projects. With the fabric I made fabric flowers complete with a button center and I cut the leftover tissue into strips to make tassels like the one you see on the chalkboard. Finally, what party would be complete without a little chalk typography, plus the kids can enjoy the chalkboard once I’m done with it.

Now I am only sharing a little glimpse with you today as I want the guest of honor to be a little bit surprised. So all the piles and piles of decor piled all over the house will have to be revealed at a later date. Hope you like the sneak peak.

Bonus! The colors for the room match my new blog theme!


  1. Amy says:

    Well done mags!! Have a blast 🙂

  2. Nancy Wolk says:

    Such pretty colors! Meredith will tell you how I LOVE flowers! See you tomorrow! Have a great time, Nancy

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