Got Talent? Use It Up!


Photo by Damian Gadal

Photo by Damian Gadal

Well guys I has been busy weekend. I have been working a lot of behind the scenes stuff you can’t see yet, but my blog is getting lots of upgrades. To say the least this process has been a bumpy road,but I can’t wait for you to see the final results.This blog provides an outlet for me to share my talents with you and is very important to me. I am trying to get it right and make your visiting here the best experience it can possibly be. So hang in there just a little while longer.

Now on to other things…

I am normally not one for long poet prose but recently I ran across this quote that struck me in such a way I thought I would share. It is by Erma Bombeck who said:

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, ‘I used everything you gave me’.

Now whether you’re a religious person or not I think the point of the quote applies. Got Talent?- Use It Up! In our world we are bombarded with images of (photo shopped) perfection that can never be achieved. Especially for women, it is easy to get caught up in our personal struggles for perfection and miss the big picture. I would consider myself average; average height, average weight, average looks, average income. Which ain’t bad, but I can so easily look at others and think how much prettier, thinner and fitter they are and be disappointed in myself. Rarely do I really stop and look at what I do have and really appreciate it. I often forget that in the talent department I hit the jackpot, and I have the greatest family anyone could ever ask for. Why is it so easy to take these things for granted? Can I not be as stoked about some creative accomplishment,or happy moment as I can about fitting into a pair of size four jeans?

Well recently I have learned that I can.  Before our move to Germany I closed my business. In all our travels and settling I gained five pounds. My family had to live crammed in a hotel for a month and I did not have the opportunity to use my creativity. I just wasn’t happy. However, In recent months we have finally gotten settled and I am once again have an outlet for my talents in this blog, in my home, and in sharing it with others and it feels really good. I didn’t realize how much I missed my creative outlets until they were gone. Now, I have become so busy doing my own thing that I don’t have time to worry about all that other stuff (much.)

I have so many people tell me they don’t have a talent. I don’t think that’s true. My talent is visual and the results are easy to see and while some talents are a little harder to unearth that doesn’t mean they are not there. Are you a great organizer, or have a good mind for business, those are talents! What are you good at? Doing the things you are good at makes you feel proud and good about yourself. What does that for you? Talent doesn’t have to be grand or elaborate it may be as simple as being a great cook or the best gift wrapper ever! But whatever it is,using it will make you very happy. Would I trade that to be a supermodel? No way!

So hunt down that talent. Find it, share it, and use up every bit! You won’t have time to worry about all areas your not perfect because you will be too busy working on the areas you are.


  1. Peggy says:

    Well said Maggie!!!! You keep on using that talent because I am really enjoying your blog!!!

  2. Maggie: I am loving your new layout and colors and all the updates (so far…).Nice job!
    And, as to creativity needing to be used: I couldn’t agree more. I had designed for products for years and then stopped almost four years ago, for various reasons. Finally, I have a space again to paint and play (along with the computer of course) and couldn’t be happier. For us visual types, it is imperative that we have some kind of outlet to make us happy, and just to feel good about ourselves. “Life” can take over too easily and we have to step in and do our thing!
    Anyway, this course is also a great motivator , no?

    • Here,Here! Libby this course is pushing me to do things that I probably would not have thought of before. I am glad I am doing them now while my blog is in its youth so I can get the most out of it! Can’t wait to see your upgrade.

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