Another Chair Makeover

I hope your not tired of seeing my chair makeovers yet. I really have a thing for chairs. Maybe its because I can lift them by myself, or that the task of updating them is not as daunting as a sofa, or maybe I just have a problem. I’m not sure, but I love to buy chairs. I buy them, update them, sell them. Sometimes I use them for a bit then sell them so I can go buy another chair. Most of the upholstered chairs I slip cover but when it comes to mid century pieces the wooden accents are usually the star so they call for upholstery. When I lived in New Orleans I had a great upholsterer that was a bargain but as we moved I never again found someone to do as good a job at as good a price. I decide maybe this is something I could do myself. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a complete novice. I had done head boards, foot stools and chair cushions but not many whole furniture pieces (actually only one.) This little mid century chair is only my second piece to upholster.

This guy I bought it for $25 right off the truck from a dealer friend in Alabama. I loved the lines of the arms and I had some fabric left over from another project that would work great. I love to use a modern fabric on these vintage pieces to give them a fresh new look. This is not a tutorial on how to do upholstery. This chair was similar to making a slipcover  for each piece and attaching it permanently. so not too far out of my comfort zone. My only pointer would be to take note and even photos as you take your chair apart and work your way backward as you put it back together. This will help you determine which pieces are upholstered first to hide all your work. If it is your first time doing a upholstery project start with something small and inexpensive. I will guarantee you the hardest part will be getting the old upholstery off and getting the piece cleaned up for the new upholstery. Just give it try, if your lucky you will wind up with something you love!



  1. Hi Maggie!
    I found your blog through Cuckoo 4 design! So glad I did!
    Love your chair and love our blog!
    Welcome to Germany;)

  2. I can understand you having a thing for chairs. I could really get into them myself (no pun intended!!!) I think it’s because there is so much scope for transformation. And I love what you’ve done with this one. Jane

  3. Such a fun makeover! And by the way–don’t be surprised if a couple shabby little chairs show up on your doorstep soon :-/ So much fun bumping into you at the bash! Best, Emilie

  4. Love it! Great lines on the piece and your upholstery work looks professional. The fabric choice rocks too!

  5. That is really cute! Great work!

  6. I love finding a bargain, and what an amazing transformation! The fabric is beautiful!!

  7. Wow, this chair is so great! I love the lines and that fabric is a perfect choice! Well done!

  8. The chair is fantastic, Maggie! I love the room, too! Thanks so much for linking up! Jennifer

  9. I have a thing for chairs, too! This one has great lines. Love how it turned out. 🙂


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