A King Size Conundrum!


I have never been a fan of a king size bed. When my husband and I got married 16 years ago we were sharing a full size bed and later upgraded to a queen. This is plenty for me. Although, I do request a king sometimes when we travel but I always feel so lost in that big bed. I wake up all turned around, I don’t know where I am, and can’t find my husband who I know is somewhere. I still like him so I want him to stay close, plus I need him to keep me warm. But I understand this is all personal preference.

For me the main conundrum of the king size bed is making the darn thing. A queen bed looks so lovely all made up but if your not careful, a king can turn into a giant pile of pillows on a big expanse of comforter. A few years ago after 35 years on a queen my parents decided to up grade to a king. My mom curses that bed every day! She is a religious bed maker so every morning she wrestles with the giant comforter and the 400 pillows but she is never happy with the results. She loves vintage linen and has collected them for years so she is not the kind of person that just doesn’t get how to make a lovely bed. She just doesn’t get the king.

9-master-yellowPhoto via Cristi Holcombe

So what’s a girl to do? I for one am going to stick to the queen size bed but if you have already upgraded here are a few ideas. I can’t help you make the bed but maybe I can help you make it look pettier! The bedroom above by is simple and lovely. Three euro pillow work great on a king bed followed by two king shams and a bolster you get a nice finished look without using so many pillows. A good point is to start with your largest pillows in the back and work your way forward as they get smaller.


The huge expanse of comforter can also be a problem. This is a king bedding set I made for a client, Here the bold accent lines down the comforted help break up the big expanse of bed. Another way to do this is to add a blanket across the end of the bed like the photo below.


Since a king size bed is essentially two twins put together, another option is to treat it that way. When you make the bed, set the pillows on each side individually as you would on a twin bed.



Still not feeling confident? Well here is a great post by Marissa Waddell Interiors on several different ways to arrange your pillows. Now you can decide which you like best.


But whatever you do don’t give up, these photos prove a king size bed doesn’t have to be a conundrum, just a little bit of hard work!




  1. I can’t live without my king bed. I need to be able to roll around like 5 times before I am able to fall off. Plus Marlo likes to sleep in the middle, and sideways, so it helps to have more space lol

    • LOL, My mom said she bought her king for the cat. Actually most of the posts I have read said they bought their king beds to make room for their pets.

  2. I don’t like king beds either, for many of the reasons you say. Plus they take up so much acreage in the bedroom!

    • That is a pet peeve of mine. I can’t stand to see a king size bed in a little tiny room. I understand if you have a Mc Mansion and need to fill the space but most normal houses just aren’t made for that big a bed.

  3. I’m with you all the way: do not like king beds and we never considered one! (And yes, a full is too small, but a queen just perfect…) The comforter on the queen is plenty hefty to haul around each morning! And, I am not a big one for lots of pillows: they just end up on the floor all night anyway, taking up space there. My parents had had a king and hated it so much they needed up using it as two twins!

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