Happy Camper!

As a child I remember playing with my cousins in their Grandpa’s big conversion van. We said one day when we were grown up we could all live there and travel around. Okay, so a few years have passed and I have decided a conversion van is not exactly the way to go, but recently I have been seeing some other really great options!

This Retro Sort Bus conversion by  Winkelman Arcjitecture might be a good chioce. It is designed to travel 12 passengers. It converts to guest quarters for two as two single beds or joined in the center as a queen. Complete with plumbing (toilet and sink) and power, I could handle that and it’s pretty cool to boot!

Or maybe I could hide out in this little guy from the inspiration board at Nochintz.com. I just love all the fabrics and so do they because that is what No Chinz does.

Or Maybe this cute renovates Shasta Camper by Melissa over at Cornbread and Beans Quilting, so cozy.

But I also love this patch work dream called “Maude” created by Tales of Ted and Agnes, Happy camper 10 Happy Camper 11

How is a girl to decide? I would love to run out out and find my own little camper to make over, but who has the time?

Wait, I have found just the thing, This last little camper is “Dotie.” If you ever happen to find yourself on Otika Beach, New Zealand, you can actually rent her  by the night and take her anywhere you like. Now that sounds like a plan…


  1. Those are cool!

  2. Super cute! I love the idea but I doubt I’d really want to travel in something that small. I kind of like my nice hotels . . .

    • I hear you. I have always said I like to go on vacation somewhere nicer than I usually get to be, but these little guys are so cute I might make and exception. The patch work one I think is just a hide away out in the yard. Might be a good plan for us hotel girls.

  3. cynthiamurdoch says:

    How cute is Dottie! As a matter of fact, it would be fun to stay in any of the trailers you posted. In my youth I thought the Airstream trailers were ugly and old fashioned, but I would love to have one today…I’ve seen some great conversions.

  4. oooh… i love glamping… i really wanna have one too! soooo cute!

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