Footstool Update

Not too long ago I made my Pottery Barn Brooks chair a new slipcover with a fabric on clearance years ago  for about $5 yard. I had just been waiting for the right project to come along and decided it would work great in the new living room.  Well now the chair has gotten a new friend. This little footstool I bought at a garage sale for $6 and for the cost of a square of foam and a can of spray paint it got a total makeover. Using the scraps leftover from the slip cover I cleaned this little guy up and created a matching set. Have a look at what it looked like before, pretty yucky.

Check out the work in progress!


  1. This looks fabulous!

  2. Hey Maggie, happy new year! I really like what you did to your blog!
    Well, I decided to give it a try and either upholster or make a slipcover for my chaise longue – i don’t know which one is easier, but something needs to be done. My question now is, if you have found any good fabric page where you order from in Germany ? I love your fabrics, the patterns and vibrant colours, but i haven’t Seen anything like that here- sometimes it’s really frustrating being in Germany 🙂 maybe Holly Becker has an idea-I’ll drop her a line.take care Mari

    • Hello Mari, Good to hear from you! It is a toss up between upholstery or a slipcover. Upholstery is much more labor intensive since you have to get the old upholstery off but slipcovers require a pretty high sewing skill. When I make them I pin them on the piece inside out so I know exactly where to sew and they go on and off about 100 times during the process to make sure of a popper fit. As for fabric I use a called which has an amazing selection and great prices. They do international shipping as well but I am unsure how the pricing on that works. We are able to use the Army Post Office since my husband is military and that is the same cost as shipping within the U.S. I would have a look at since the price of fabric here in Germany is so high it might not be that expensive in the end. Good Luck!

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