Slip into Slip Covers

183845_10150151719981019_5505283_nMy Mom’s style is totally shabby chic and with that  comes lots and lots of white. Well white fabrics in the home need to washable especially when you have a large family. For Mom the solution has always been slip covers on all the furniture, no not your grandma’s plastic ones, but custom-made fitted slip covers. Her’s are loose-fitting linen slip covers in all white (that can be washed and  bleached.)
This is where I got my start making slip covers, sewing for my family and friends. But soon I became a convert and started making lots of slip covers for myself. My style of slip cover is a little different from my Mom’s. I love color and slip covers make it so easy to add bold a bold punch of color that I can change out whenever I want. I also like my slip covers to “FIT,” shabby chic slip covers tend to be a little looser (usually because they are made out of linen which tends to stretch.) I personally like my slip covers to look like upholstery.
So whether you like them loose or tight, white or bold here are some great reasons to give slip covers a try:
Pillows and Ottoman covers can easily be changed out for the season.

Pillows and Ottoman covers can easily be changed out for the season.

  • They are WASHABLE! That means if you have kids or pets spills and stains on the slip cover can go right into the washing machine. The couch can’t! The slipcovers above are made from light weight muslin slip which is easy to wash and very inexpensive.
  • They can change with the season. And, no I don’t mean putting Christmas fabric on you sofa in December, But warm which shades for the winter and pale beach colors for the summer are definitely doable.
  • They can make the old new again. A quality piece of furniture can last for many, many years but the fabric you picked out in 1983 may not stand the test of time. You can keep your quality furniture looking fresh with a fresh modern slip cover.

    My $25 thrift store chair gets a whole new look.

    My $25 thrift store chair gets a whole new look.

  • They will make you bold. Fabrics are trendy and committing to the latest bold print of the season on a piece of upholstered furniture can be risky. A slip cover lets you have the latest look without having to overcome your fear of commitment. You can even mix and match prints like I I did on the chairs below.
  • You can use them on anything. Don’t feel like you can only use slip covers on upholstery. Try them on headboards, dining chairs, coffee tables, any where you have something to hide or want to add a little color. This pretty headboard slipcover I made out of a vintage monogrammed sheet.


  1. Wanda Klindt says:

    Love it can you make me a slip cover for my couch??? Wish you were still here. You fixed my
    Roman Shade. (Enterprise, Al).

    • Hi Wanda, Wish I could help but Germany is abit too far to come by and do some measuring.;) I am missing all my Alabama folks though. I figured this blog was a good way to stay in touch. Hope you are enjoying it!

  2. frauschmittshaus says:

    These slip covers are gorgious, Maggie. So glad to have found you via BYW. You have a new follower 😉 I’m excited to read about what you think about living in Germany.
    xo, Stephanie

    • Thanks for stopping by Stephanie, I am very excite to start BYW, like you I am excited about learning more on the photography end. We have only been in Germany six months so I am just now feeling settled in. Lots of things new and different but we are enjoying our time so far.
      P.S. I appreciate you English summaries on you blog as my German is not so good.

  3. Lisa in AL says:

    I too am in need of another of your great slipcovers for that dern purple chair! LOL! And…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Mwah!!

    • Thanks Lisa!!!

      • Those are amazing. I have a Chaise longue which is too dark for my dining room and i wanted to make a slip cover in a bright color but i’m absolutely incapable of doing that. Whish I had your talent! Chapeau, Maggie! Once you take orders please let me know – Might be a business idea. I’d know tons of people who’d be interested 😉

        • Thanks Mari, I do make slipcovers for others but my problem is I don’t make them often enough to be able to do them without the piece of furniture present (notice mostly chairs) unless it is something like an ottoman that is basically square. If your chase lounge ever wants to take a trip to Heilsbronn let me know.

          I do a lot of seamstress work, mostly home decor items, which is basically my bread and butter but it is hard because what I really want to do is be a full time designer not a seamstress. Maybe one day….

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