Found it at the Market – October 2013

Okay, so I am a little concerned that the German flea markets and thrift stores are turning me into total hoarders. I just can’t help myself the variety of items and the bargains are amazing but also the items themselves are just so different from the flea market finds in the U.S. I try to rationalize it by saying “these are things I will never be able to find again.” Maybe, maybe not, either way It makes me feel better and I can keep shopping. So here are the finds this week.

  • “TS” Monogrammed Tea Pot  2€ ($4) – What can I say I am a sucker for a monogram and this one was so pretty.
  • Kienzle Duo Alarm Clock 7€ ($9)- You all know I am a sucker for color and the green got me plus I am beginning to start quite a collection.
  • Frances Pries Framed Paper Cut Silhouette 40€($56)-  This is one of my favorite find! This one actually came from an antique market where the prices tend to be a little higher but so does the quality. I love this piece, it is signed, the framing is beautiful and it is ready to hang on the wall so I splurged.
  • Floral Oil Painting 1 € ($1.40) – This painting is so pretty and the colors are just what I was looking for to add to my pinks and greens. I’m sure who ever painted it was not a professional but I don’t mind, I think it’s a cutie.
  • 95 Liter Wash Tub 25€ ($35)- The dog (Stella) didn’t come with it but to get a better idea of just how big a washtub this is I had my 70lb Coonhound model it for you.
  • Painted Dresser 50€ ($70)- This little guy is solid pine and built like a tank. It would be beautiful stripped down to the natural wood and waxed but I love the patina of the pretty blue paint. Plus this one is finding a new home in a little girl nursery so I can feel better about my hoarding problem.
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