Blogging Your Way

Blogging Your Way

Today I am very excited! One of my very favorite blogs decor8 is offing a class called Blogging Your Way and I just signed up.

In their words Blogging Your Way  “is an online class about blogging with a focus on creativity and writing with heart, soul and passion founded by pro blogger, best-selling author, freelance journalist and stylist, Holly Becker from decor8. Launched in March 2009, Blogging Your Way shows you exactly how to use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life all in a supportive online environment with plenty of ways to learn through written content, videos, webcasts, podcasts and in our private student-only forum.”

The class starts on November 1st and I am ready to get started. For all my readers you will reap the rewards of this class and all my hard word by just staying tuned. Hopefully this class will help me advance my blog to a higher level and I will let you be the judge. If you are a fellow blogger you might want to sign up yourself. Either way I thought I would share with you what I am working on so in the end you can give a fair assessment of of my progress.  I will keep you posted!

I'd love to hear what you think!

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