Inspired by Caitlin Wilson

Philadelphia based designer Caitlin Wilson

Philadelphia based designer Caitlin Wilson

In the course of writing my blog posts I look at a lot of pictures, I mean a LOT of pictures! If your a blogger you know what I mean. When I select photos for my post I search based on topic but I choose purely based on what is ascetically pleasing to my eye. I don’t normally search a particular designer unless I remember something specifically that I have seen that want to include. It just so happens that in the course of writing posts for this blog I have chosen designs by one particular designer on several occasions with out even realizing it.

I kept running across (and of course pinning and bookmarking) these lovely rooms full of bold pattern and color that where perfectly beautiful yet livable spaces. Sophisticate but at the same time full of fun. I finally put two and two together, these spaces were all designed by Caitlin Wilson. I had to see more! I found and poured over her portfolio full of vibrant colorful designs. An then I clicked on SHOP and I was taken to Caitlin Wilson Textiles, many of these beautiful patterns and fabrics I was seeing, and loving, in Caitlin’s designs were her Caitlin’s very own fabric line. I am a designer but I am also a seamstress so when I found that the same women who designs these beautiful room was also designing the wonderful fabrics I was seeing in them. I was impressed but I was also jealous, she is doing exactly what I would love to do!

Maybe one day but for now, Caitlin Wilson inspires me! Have a look at her portfolio and you will see why…

eclectic-living-room entry1 foyer IMG_4019_no_aircond IMG_9244 living IMG_4130 bedroom4 kitchen bed

All photos via Caitlin Wilson

Fabrics by Caitlin Wilson Textiles


  1. These are all awesome photos and fabrics! Love it 😀

  2. gorgeous spaces.. I love the pops of color.

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