Domino is Back!

o_524b40e89ac35fe44a3aff0cDomino Magazine was by far my favorite design magazine ever. It was always filled with cool eclectic interior and great sources that I could actually afford. Some items were high end but many would be from local main stream retailers that were actually within my budget. I loved this magazine, everyone I knew loved this magazine, so when it stopped publication in 2009 I could not have been more surprised. Domino continued to have a presence online with their website which, I visit often, but I missed the magazine. Something about lounging on the sofa with a real live magazine with big glossy pictures just can’t be replaced online.

Well everyone I am proud to tell you DOMINO IS BACK! The 2013 holiday print issue will hit news stands October 8th. But that’s not all, Domino is relaunching not only as a quarterly print magazine, but also as an online magazine that lets you shop directly from the features while you read them. In other words the best of everything, we get in print, we get it online, and we get to shop it. Domino will now deliver great design right to your doorstep You can click HERE to see the new format and how it works.

Will we still love the new Domino, that is yet to be seen but I am excited to have the chance to find out. Now, If you will excuse me I must  go get in line at the news stand to get a copy of the new issue!

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