Found it at the Market – September 2013

Market 1Sundays in Germany are pretty quit, all the stores are closed so if we are not too busy having a lazy day we head to one of the flea market that set up in squares, and parking lots all across Germany. I usually don’t go with anything particular in mind but I always seem to come home with something. Here are some of the items we found this week and a little about what I plan to do with them.

  1. Pool Balls 5€ – I have always found these interesting and I thought they would look great in a jar in the new”Man Cave.”
  2. Porcelain Pup 1€ – This Pup reminded me on one of our pups so he was adopted and got to come home with us.
  3. Vintage Clock 5€ – Loved the cute orange color on this little guy, couldn’t pass him up.
  4. Deer Antlers dated 1901 3€ – These are very trendy right now and look great as a collection. They are atually pretty common to find at the flea markets here in Germany, so I know what I will be hunting next weekend
  5. Taxidermy Baby Duck 1€ – Can’t explain this one other than who has a taxidermy baby duck? He was cute so we bought him.Funny thing is the next market we went to had one just like him. Is this a German thing and I just don’t understand?
  6. Set of Framed Needlework 4.50€ – As a seamstress and crafter I find these piece so interesting. I think these will go in the sewing room as inspiration.
  7. Cross of Honor of the German Mother 40€ – My husband has a Masters in Military History and is always intrigued by WWII memorabilia so this purchase was actually his. This medal was given by the Nazi regime to encourage starting a family and having children. The “Cross of Honor for the German Mother” was awarded in Hitler’s name to mothers with four or more children. I think I will frame this in a small shadow box and it can also go in the new”Man Cave.”


  1. Meredith says:

    The porcelain puppy!! Lol

  2. Lol I love the baby duck (too bad he’s dead =/) But you always find the coolest stuff. Can’t wait to see Chuck’s mancave!

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