Ready for Halloween?


With Halloween just around the corner I thought I would share with you my favorite costume ever! Three years ago at the height of the Katy Perry “California Girls” craze I decided to take on a giant project, to re-create Katy Perry’s and Snoop Dog’s costumes from the music video. I spent way too much money and a ton of time, but I had so much fun. Below are the original inspiration costumes.

I took a little short cut on Katy’s dress by buying a $20 clearance dress from the Homecoming rack. I removed the skirt and replaced it with multicolored iridescent fabrics like the original. Since I don’ have Katy Perry’s body, I added some extra layers for a little more length. After that it was bedazzle time. For candy embellishments I used Styrofoam balls and cones covered in fabric to create the 3D candy and ice cream cone, I cut up candy Christmas garland, I found conversation candy heart beads on Etsy, and I hot glued hundreds of rhinestones. Not an exact match to Katy’s dress but fun none the less. And of course a girl must accessorize,  I uses a lot of  candy and cupcake Christmas ornaments and of course a candy necklace and bracelet, but my best find was a pair of vintage ruffled bloomers, perfect!

Snoop Dog’s suite was more of a sewing project than a collection. I used a pattern by Simplicity (2895) that I modified only slightly at the collar to get more of a tuxedo effect. I was lucky enough to find and exact match to fabric used in the video. But Snoop Dog needed accessories too! Some Elvis glasses with a few valentine conversation hears glued on, a had with a pink hat band added and a pimp feather you cant see. A cane made from PVC pipe wrapped in colorful electrical tape and topped with a glittery ball Christmas ornament, ( I tell you this was one year I was glad Walmart had their Christmas ornaments out in October!)

I love Halloween and I love putting together a costume. I admit these costumes are more elaborate than most but that isn’t what makes it fun.  Some years it may just be a thrift store find that screams to be a costume or a store bought wig but it is always fun to be someone else for the day. Who will you be for the day? Any great costume ideas?


  1. That is AWESOME! Great job, both of those costumes are priceless lol

    • Actually not priceless, After we wore them I was able to sell them on Etsy for $400. I figure at least I broke even and had a lot of fun doing it!

  2. Those costumes are astounding! You guys looked great and it was genius to sell the costumes and recover some of your investment!

  3. Meredith says:

    These are amazing!!! So fun!

  4. WOW!! so amazing :o) That cupcake suit is hideously wonderful!!! Great work on both!! I came over from the costume link party… I just linked up my boys football player costumes for this year… :o)

    • Thanks for stopping by, You are way ahead of the game. I haven’t started mine for this year yet. Well unless you include getting a cardboard box to make Steve from Minecraft’s head for my son. I Better get to work!

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