Wigging Out with Chris March at Target.

I love a good costume and in the past have put together some pretty great ones. I guess that is why I am such a big fan of Chris March from Project Runway and his Bravo spinoff Mad Fashion

So when I saw that he had created a Halloween wig collection (called “Big Fun”) for Target I could not have been more excited. The limited-edition  collection includes the  eight exaggerated and highly theatrical styles styles shown above andall are $20 or less and available at Target stores and Target.com.

Now for the hard part, Deciding which one I want. Which ones is your favorite?


  1. Monster bride, for sure! But they’re all amazing!

  2. I like the starlet best, but I just love me some Chris March. He had SO many awesome one-liners on Project Runway lol many that I feel were completely unintentional. Like when Raymi made another Grecian-style dress “I don’t know WHY he did another drapery dress..he KNEW he was gonna get in trouble!”

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