Fall Is In The Air!

Fall planterIn the last week or so the weather has turned cold and dreary. I was sure the winter was here to stay but this weekend we were treated to some amazing weather. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid sixties and all was right with the world. I figured I better take advantage of the nice weather and get a little work done out in the yard while the sun was still shining.

We have a beautiful gate at the entrance to our driveway and it has two great big planters on top of each column. I have a love/hate relationship with these planters. They look beautiful when planted and I love getting them filled with beautiful flowers but I am terrible about keeping them watered. The Germans have the most beautiful planter boxes I have ever seen so I feel like I need to, at least try to keep up.  Since the weather has turned a bit rainy and nature will do some watering for me maybe I can finally  keep something alive. Fall planter

Fall Planter

I have been seeing lots of pumpkin and squash out at the markets and figured since we are almost into October a fall planting would be great. Bonus, Pumpkins don’t need water! I added a big fluffy Mum for each planter and we are ready for Fall!

While the mood was striking me also I went ahead and put out over 200 bulbs for spring and did a little review of what plants survived my lazy watering this year so I could be sure to buy lots of those next year.  So all and all I would say the weekend was a success, I enjoyed the sunshine, got a little work done, and did a little shopping at the trödelmarkt (I’ll show you what I got later.) Okay rains I am ready for you now, and so are my Mums!

The kids and the critters helped too!


  1. Sandy Moore says:

    I love reading your blog, it makes you seem not so far away. I love seeing the creative things you do, you are so talented!

    Aunt Sandy

  2. How fun! I am LOVING that gate and your fall cornucopia planter boxes. Thumbs way up =P

  3. It’s all looking great–and that cat has a great view from the tree!

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