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Since our move to Germany I have become more and more familiar with the phenomenon that is Ikea. Back in the U.S. I went to Ikea every now in then but it was usually a pretty good drive from the places we have lived and always was an occasion. Now going to Ikea is like a trip to Target. I can glance thru the magazines and identify all things Ikea. But as hip, functional and economic this furniture is, I don’t want my whole house to look like it was pulled straight from an Ikea catalog.  I did a bit of research and was amazed at just how many sources are out there for Ikea furniture upgrades. Not just ideas for up grades but entire lines based on improving on the already hip Ikea furniture. Here are a few of my favorites.

MyOverlays O’verlays are lightweight, decorative fretwork panels that come in several patterns and sizes. They are paintable and easily attached to furniture, mirror, walls and glass. Compatible with many popular Ikea pieces, they are an instant upgrade. If you don’t have any Ikea pieces, don’t worry, Overlays also takes custom orders. Perfect for your next D.I.Y. project
PrettyPegs– Prettypegs offer the possibility to add character, color and uniqueness to your IKEA piece in a fast and affordable way. Whether it´s your sofa, chair, bed or storage furniture that needs a pretty lift, Prettypegs offer that unexpected, fun, yet deadly serious accessory that makes all the difference. Think of it as buying new fabulous shoes for your furniture!

Mykea – Mykea is a small  Amsterdam based company that came up a few years ago with their Big Idea. An idea that sticks. An idea that lets you customize your Ikea furniture with amazing and exclusively designed vinyl prints.
Panyl – PANYL is a self-adhesive furniture covering that lets you customize your furniture with less work, less money, and more design. Made from a no-VOC, flexible, hi-tech vinyl, PANYL can be applied by anyone in minutes and can in many cases be removed later without causing any damage to the underlying surface.

SuperFront– Superfronts lets you to have high quality furniture at a sensible price using your IKEA base combined with their collection of 9 front, 8 handle, and 8 leg designs each in 12 different colors.

Bemz– Bemz is Covering up Ikea. This is an online company based out of Sweden that sells removable, washable slipcovers for a variety of sofas, chairs, footstools, daybeds and cushions. Bemz sells slipcovers that fit your Ikea furniture as well as they fit your home and your style.

Knesting– Knesting is a U.S. (Atlanta) based company that  also makes your IKEA™ furniture look new and unique with custom slipcovers.

IF after looking over all these great Ikea upgrade sources you still have the urge to do your own original IKea DIY project check out IkeaHackers. This website is full of creative people doing all kinds of upgrading, reusing, and customizing of Ikea furniture. It just might give you a bright idea for your upgrade and when you finished you can share it with all your fellow Ikea hacker.

Long Live Ikea!



  1. Lisa in AL says:

    Who knew?! Cool!

  2. Viva Ikea!

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