Room #4 – Will’s Nautical Bedroom


Below are the before photos

My son is absolutely obsessed with all things Titanic so for his room it was a no brain-er, Nautical or nothing. The room is the smallest in the the house but has  tons of personality, just like him, or at least it does now. Lucky for us  the landlord installed new flooring right before we moved in, thank goodness, when we looked at the house this room had red shag carpet circa. 1962. As you can see below, the walls were originally a dingy white so I decided to add a warm khaki color to brighten things up a bit. When I added the bed and bedding everything else pulled together. As I have said before, I always buy new bedding before the move, the quilt and shams are from TJMaxx, the sheets are Tommy Hilfiger I found on sale at Macy’s, and the anchor pillow I made myself. The bed is my favorite, I found this cute metal bed at an antique shop for $80. It had about 50 coats of paint on it so I used a grinder to get all the paint off and had a welder add a few inches to the legs to make it high enough to fit a trundle under. With a fresh coat of red and a vinyl “W” for “Will” this bed works perfectly with the nautical theme and a rambunctious little boy.

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