The Kitsch-est Place on Earth

The-Madonna-Inn-560x2627464029894_a6f33ab1e8_zIf you are on the hunt for the Kitch-est place on earth The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, CA quite possibly hits the top of the list. This hotel built by Alex and Phyllis Madonna in the late 1950s, features 110 guest rooms each with its own very distinct, very kitsch decor. Weather you stop to stay the night or just to catch a peek at the famous rock waterfall urinal located in the men’s restroom, this California landmark should be on everyone’s bucket list.

”Anybody can build one room and a thousand like it,” says Mr. Madonna, from the booth he occupies in the dining room every evening. ”It’s more economical. Most places try to give you as little as possible. I try to give people a decent place to stay where they receive more than they are entitled to for what they’re paying. I want people to come in with a smile and leave with a smile. It’s Fun.” Via the New York Times.

I will give you a little taste of what the Madonna has in store but if you want the full treatment your going to have to take a road trip.


  1. Yes, I would say kitschy is the appropriate word for all this! Amazing!

  2. Lisa in AL says:

    Wow, my eyes hurt now.

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