Room #2 – The Master Bedroom

IMG_0444Once the kitchen was finished and we could finally eat, I figured it best we find somewhere to sleep. After almost two month sleeping in hotels and on air matresses I was more than ready to have my own bed back. The master bedroom was a little easier project than the kitchen since I had a head start. I always buy new linen before a move so I already had a new black and white quilt set and a blue quilt, both I got for a steal from TJmaxx. To pull them all together I made drapes and euro shams out of a pretty floral fabric that included all these colors.  I used a similar blue on the walls and pulled it all together with the Ikea Stockholm rug.

The biggest problem in the bedroom was going to be storage. In Germany the houses generally do not have closets so all that fun stuff we had in our walk in in the U.S.had to find a home. Ikea to the rescue again! First, I bought two Brimnes wardrobes to use for closets space. They have custom closet systems but I chose these because they did not take up as much space, would side snugly against each other, and were a great price (we will only be here 3 years we can make do.) You will notice, I changed the location of the mirrored doors to make it appear to be one single piece. For more efficient storage in these I added a few extra shelved and an additional clothes hanging bar so I could double hang the shirts.  I also bought two Malm dressers that could double as both nightstands and dressers. This is not forever furniture it just need to get us thru the next few years, I figure all this for only $550, we should get our moneys worth.IMG_0450 IMG_0447

When you move somewhere without closets you realize just how much goes into the closet. Before the move I tried to make sure I had many pieces that ccould double as storage as possible. Almost every thing in the master bedroom I use for storage. The trunk made from antique doors (under the mirror) I use to store the down comforters for the winter. The bench at the foot of the bed holds all our extra blankets and sheets, and I added storage baskets on top of the wardrobes to store extra pillows and beach towels.

The final touch was to spread a pop of color around the room. I used golden/yellow pieces to add a little warmth to this otherwise cool colors scheme.  I added my vintage rocker I got at an antique mall for $30 that it is so comfortable. I, of course, brought along a few of my vintage sign letters including my bold yellow “R” and on the bed I added gold throw pillow from Target. I originally wanted to use a set of yellow lamps I brought from the U.S. but unfortunately, due to the slope of the ceiling, they were too tall to fit on the bedside table. I bought the smaller ones you see in the photo at Ikea. They are not as fun as yellow but maybe one day in the future they will get a coat of paint. Either way I finally have my bed back and a cozy place to sleep.IMG_0445



  1. Looks great–and what a relief it must be to have your own bedroom back!

  2. I am in LOVE with that black and white stripe rug from Ikea. It’s on the pricier side for Ikea but it looks amazing! Great job (as always) Maggie =)

    • Actually Jon, it is much cheaper here than in the U.S. there it is $299 but here I only spent about $165 on it after my tax rebate ($204) without.

  3. This room looks great. I love the colors and patterns you used in the room. They go so well together.

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