TV Show Floor Plans

TV-Home-Floor-Plans-06-800x503The architect in me thinks this is the coolest idea ever. I love to look at floor plans, literally  can look at them for hours, just for fun. When my sister sent me a link about Inaki Aliste Lizarralde, a Spanish interior designer, who draws floor plans of the homes featured in popular TV shows, I was ecstatic. As a child I would watch TV shows and wonder what was behind the stairs or where is the dining room, I guess Inaki did too. The description of these plans from his Etsy store states:

This is a hand drawen plan, in scale, coloured with colour pencils and with full details of furniture, fabric, timbers and complements…
The design is made according with the “real” apartment respecting the spaces, proportions, furniture and objets presents in the studio set.

They are hand drawn and hand colored and range in price from $50 to $200 depending on the detail involved. I have read one takes 20 to 30 hours to complete.  The floor plans available include shows from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to “Sex and the City,” and everything in between. He uses footage from the TV shows to recreate these spaces and often asks questions on fan sites to determine which episodes certain rooms can be seen on. Obviously some artistic license it taken as these are not actual homes but when you look at these floor plans they become a “real” space. I can’t wait to see what TV house will be next. Since I was little I have always wanted to see a floor plan of the Cosby show house.  What floor plan would you want to see?

TV-Home-Floor-Plans-09-800x1067 TV-Home-Floor-Plans-11-800x622 TV-Home-Floor-Plans-14-800x634 TV-Home-Floor-Plans-08-800x511


  1. There is also a floor plan of Carrie’s apartment from the Sex and the City somewhere online.
    I wonder how would it look if someone redesigned their apartments according to other shows – like designing Seinfeld’s apartment in the Sex and the City style.
    Maybe I should try to do it, what do you think?

  2. Totally fascinating! I don’t know why this tickles me so much but it does! And as I was scrolling, I thought I wanted to see Lucy and Ricky’s apartment . . . and there it was! Thanks!

  3. I want to see Full House seeing as they had to fit about 400 people in there… also I used to live in an alcove like Uncle Joey 😉

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    Hello Maggie.
    Thank you very much for your post.
    I’m glad you liked my drawings.
    It’s nice to hear some compliments from a professional.
    My best wishes to you.

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