1bc28e58514acf6c_la-cabin-color-0810-l.jpeg.xxxlargeI had seen books color coded in magazines and I admit it looked pretty great but does it really make that big of a difference? I had just finished my new built ins so I decided to give it a try, I was amazed at how much it improved the look of the shelves. An ordinary bookshelf can look chaotic and messy but color coding your books gives an immediate order to the shelves. Another plus, for me, is that I usually remember what a book looks like even if I don’t remember the title, on a color coded shelf I can find that book in seconds. I love books and I read constantly so for me books are as much a work of art as anything else so why not treat them that way they can be beautiful too?

I found a great set of before and after photos that shows just how drastic a change color coding  your book shelves can bring.  Images By:  Juhan Sonin

Fiona Douglas' color coded book case from DesignSponge

Fiona Douglas’ color coded book case from DesignSponge


  hp_top_image_4Don’t have any books to color code, check out the photo to the right from Books by the Foot. They will sell you books, priced per foot of shelf space, in just about any color, topic, or style you choose.  Wrapped books, faux book, books by the box, you name it they have it. Great for designer show rooms and great for you. I might just need to order me a couple of feet to keep me busy while I am in Germany.


  1. We used green and white books from this company on a project, all thanks to your word of mouth! Thanks for being my DIY design guru =P

  2. mebul says:

    I’m enjoying your blog. Please put source info for your found photos!

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