Love Letters – The Beauty of Vintage Sign Letters!

Verena’s Austrian apartment on

Verena’s Austrian apartment on

I have told you how I feel about globes, I fear I may have the same problem with vintage sign letters. I am not talking about spelling words out on the wall I am talking about a random collection of letters that I must have purely for their individual aesthetic beauty.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has come to my house and said, ” What does the R stand for?”  My daughter says my response should be “Random” but I usually just say “because I liked it.”It is okay if the letters stand for something but don’t feel like they have to. These beautiful novelties can be found all over but the best source is usually a sign installer. When a new sign goes up the old one must come down, and the older the better, I think. I love a little patina.


There is the infamous "R,"it is hiding so no one will ask...

There is the infamous “R,”it is hiding so no one will ask…

2012-05-06_17-01-35_595This “Y” I found at an antique warehouse in Columbus, GA it was $40 and stands almost 6’tall, this is in my mom’s New Orleans home with 12′ ceilings. If you are a New Orleans native you will appreciate the Y@.

Have a look around you’ll find these vintage letters all over. They are intriguing tucked into a bookshelf or hung proudly on the wall. Any color, any font, I find these letters are lovely.

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  1. I feel the same way about the monograms on old napkins! I don’t care what the letters are, I just think they’re all so lovely and intriguing.

    • KerryCan, My mom has the same problem. They have beautiful linen at the thrift stores here in Germany all ironed and bundled in sting. I will be stocking up while I am here.

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