033eac516aeb00b7d21b7959842074387d93fe8f2c54bead030da12c3c4b75c5I admit it, I have a problem! If I see a good price on a globe I cannot pass it up. My collection is growing and I am running out of room but I just can’t walk away. I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this problem, as many of these photos can attest. Globes are a great vintage accessory that add color to any decor from bight bold ones to ones of pale muted blues and greens and everything in between. My favorite are the mid century globes with the beautiful aqua oceans and a bright pink Australia. Funny thing is they don’t date globes, you would think on the legend they would have a copyright date, but they don’t. It is fun to try to date your globe based on what countries appear. I have a globe that includes the country of Siam which dates it pre-1939. If you group them together or have one single globe (how sad) these beautiful objects remind us of our past and our ever changing world. Globes are not rare and they are not expensive so they are something everyone should have a least one (or six) of, because you can’t spin Google Earth to put your finger on where to visit next.       20c0fbe0ba220baf1afdcbc64961a6489bb78547ad07ca116bcc59360a4e48e5



  1. I love this collection! You’re right–it engages the imagination and provides a bit of history!

  2. the globes are fantastic!

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