Fashion For Your Home – Coral and Aqua

Coral and Aqua
 Coral and Aqua by lauren-forsgren featuring an orange purse

a jakarta Fashion loves Coral and Aqua together and so do I. Together they remind me of summer fun and a warm beach so what better combination for decorating a house at the beach or one you want to feel like the beach. But why is this combination so pleasing to the eye? Mostly because these are complementary colors (opposites of each other on the color wheel.) Warm and cool colors together are always a good combination and because these two complement without being too bold or garish they are both fun and relaxing.  Beautiful with white, Coral and Aqua are soothing reminders of the beach that are anything but boring.


  1. I’m in love with this color combo, and I especially love an orange and pink Indian-inspired palette!

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