Fashion For Your Home – Nautical

Nothing says Nautical  like red, white, and blue

Nothing says Nautical like red, white, and blue

Fashion and home trends tend to go hand in hand, or at least I think so. The nautical trends shown above are a great example of how easy the Nautical style is to achieve. It not only looks good on a model it can also look great in your home. The room on the left, designed by Toronto-based Anne Hepfer is a perfect example of how to put a Nautical room together. The no-brainer, red, white, and blue – a must! Other things, however, don’t have to be so literal. Take for example the stripes, in this room the designer used a chevron print instead. Same feel with a modern look. Another great substitute, for the color and texture of the ropes, can be seen in the head board which are a woven cane but a linen headboard would also be a great alternative. You can add fun literal touches like the nautical flags just don’t go overboard. (Sorry, that was corny but I couldn’t help myself.) My point is by adding just a few literal items here and there you have a room that would work as a guest room for adults or one a child can grow up in. 7c37b1dfdb8a766fc013bd7c6f6c13e9 ab5042f73bc7557c2f38bb375ec3154a

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